FREE Resources

Here are several FREE items:

Free e book God is a Zionist…I’m a Zionist too. 

A free assessment of basic educational skills for children and adults http://diagnostics.aceministries.com/

A free assessment for adults or children to build trust  http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

A free assessment of learning styles for adults gracious learning styles adults.

A free assessment of learning styles for children childrens’ gracious learning styles.

A free assessment of truth that puts the grace in gracious tutoring truth assessment.

A free assessment of your ” want to” and “can do” to tutor your own child  freedom readiness scale.

FREE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Rules and Application Here

A free template for considering your various unique strengths talents and gifts.

Free questions to grow your faith Life Way Spiritual Assessment

Free Inspirational Music Free Christian Music

Free classes Free Bible Classes, hundreds of dollars worth of books $50- $100 Worth of Free Stuff Every Month and Free e-books and an amazing search engine where the results are pre-screened and evaluated for content Christian Search Engine.  Shawn Nelson does an amazing job compiling excellent Free Christian resources.

Free Christian Movies

Amazing FREE Science Curriculum

Free E-book for fathers connecting with their children

Here is an overview of  other  items available to you through this website

to help you tutor a high task, high trust, high truth child.

 (These may be FREE when you agree to pray for Israel or write letters to Christian prisoners,

or  help the strangers, orphans, and widows in your community)

christine with pink scarf

BEE Ready™ Kinder Assessment

A math assessment plus.  In addition to all you know as a parent, gain insights that may apply such as:  Willingness and ability to learn?  What’s the preferred learning approach?  It’s like an MRI for the heart, head, and hands.   Ask Dr. C


Do not fear math! You probably already know that God manifests His creativity, order, consistency, and truth in mathematics, and the mental muscles required to do math are of great importance, not only in life  capacity and problem-solving, but in our worship and walk with God.  Join this fun, faith-filled, focused math program.  Canning, sewing, woodwork, gardening — hands on math class.

  Ask Dr. C

Single Focus

Are you a single parent who is desperate to raise your child with a Biblical Christian education?   There is a way for you that is not public,  and it costs  less than $3.00 per day books included. Ask Dr. C

Cloud of Witnesses:  Lending Library

A  lending library of high quality missionary stories for children and tweens.  Adults may also enjoy these stories .  Here’s a sample of some FREE sharing titles.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtL65Gor9ihLdFRqUGZfa0swX2M1NDJTYWYwanNrTHc#gid=0

Fathers Business™:  Math Immersion Camp

This is for families who want to fund raise for educational experiences such as trips to Israel.  We teach marketplace ministry, math tutoring, and major in FUNdraising.  This high task, high trust, high truth program is definitely not for everyone.  If you do not regularly tithe to your church, please do not consider this faith-filled option.


College 3:20

Why go into debt for a secular college that will bash your faith?  You can have a Biblical bachelor’s degree in three years for $25 a day (or even less) including room and board (you don’t have to live in the castle or travel internationally but that’s included).  Don’t abandon your children to the state when God’s best is so great! Please invite me to your group so I can FREELY  show you what God did for our family

For individual interest or to book a FREE talk for your group, contact Dr. C  at  Ask Dr. C

You’ll have questions for me. I’ll have questions for you.  We’ll  see if we are a right fit for each other.

Freely you’ve been given, freely you shall give.

Please pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.  God says I will prosper those who love her.